My Grandson

I’m a proud Grandma.  Always have been, but this development has me excited.

My grandson injured himself (sprained ankle) in a soccer game a couple of weeks ago and spent the day with me a couple of days later.  He was still nursing his ankle when my daughter dropped him off for the day.

He spent the first couple of days looking for something to watch on the television.  Grandma would rather have him talking to me:  telling me all about his life, his interests, his friends, his school…  That will happen in time.  After a couple of hours of sitting around with nothing interesting on the tube, he asked me if I had any activity books or playing cards.

I told him where they were and while digging thru the cabinet, he came across some old, very simple cross stitching patterns that I had placed in there years ago.  He didn’t know I was watching him from the kitchen, but I saw him thumb thru them all and pick one. (Grandma grinning ear to ear!)

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Punk’d – Cross Stitching Style

So, a few months ago my Debit card was about to expire, and the strip had worn out causing problems for me every time I went to the register.  I went in to my local bank (national chain) to have them replace the card and they gave me a one month replacement right on the spot. The replacement card surely wasn’t the “quality” that my original card was, but it would make do. I waited and waited for the new card to arrive in the mail and it never did.

This became a problem when I was checking out at the local grocery and had the cashier tell me that my card had been declined… No problem…pulled out my Credit Card and finished the purchase. I called my bank only to have them give me the run-around. To cut this long story short, after several phone calls, I came to find out that the bank had a mishap and the order for my card never went thru. They promptly ordered me a new one which I received in a matter of a few business days.

However, if you were to judge my problem by the response of this individual, my problem must pale in comparison. Check this out:


Man Cross-Stitches Debit Card
Courtesy of Keith Clark / BBC

Story Found Here

So, when I came across how this man punk’d his bank, I thought I would take a look around and see how others have been having fun with their needles and thread.

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