Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City…

On one of our recent trips to Missouri, we spent some time in the Kansas City area.  Such a beautiful city.  One of my favorite moments was the Hubby got us a chauffeured limo service to take a tour of the city and to take us to dinner.  My husband’s great-grandparents were immigrants from Austria and lived and worked in Kansas City in an area of Czech immigrants known as Strawberry Hill.  His great-grandfather was a butcher in that neighborhood, and so we had the Driver take us to Strawberry Hill and we got to go to a “famous” meat shop (Krizman’s – I think) to sample some of their sausages.  It was a pretty neat experience.  We ended up down at The Plaza for dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse that I can’t remember the name of!  SO GOOD.  Anyhow, I do remember the name of the wonderful company that carted us around all day – Overland Park Limo Service – very knowledgable and nice people!

While visiting that wonderful town on our get-away, I got to spend some time perusing thru some locally owned craft and needlework shops looking for new projects to take on.

I did find some interesting ideas, but nothing worth spending my money on.  Anymore, I enjoy the simplistic.  So many patterns are so comprehensive (not the word I’m looking for) – just so much going on…  I guess what I mean is that they are so BUSY.  That’s it.  That’s the right word!

Busy Pattern
Busy, busy, busy…

So, unproductive in buying anything, but productive in sparking some new ideas.  If I ever get around to developing them, I just might have to show them on here!

Well, nothing new in my life at the moment, but things are good.  I’m happy with life, and I think that that is important.

I’ll share more tomorrow.

Putting up the Suitcases…

Well, it has been awhile since I checked in with you all.  I will continue to post fun cross stitched designs as I come across them on the web, but sometimes I may just ramble about my life.  Like tonight…I’m going to ramble.

We’ve been traveling a lot the last few weeks.  In 5 weeks time, I have been in Missouri for 3 weeks and Colorado for 1.  That didn’t leave much time back at home in the meanwhile.  I guess I’ll share about my time in Colorado, because I just feel like writing. 

We rented a VRBO house in Old Colorado City for the week, and it was just wonderful.  Very large home with plenty of amenities and lots of space for all of the kids and adults to spread out.

The first day that we were there, we took everybody up to the top of Pike’s Peak.  VERY exhilarating!  The children were so impressed that the big mountain that they could see from Colorado Springs looked so very much different when you were standing on the top!  It was a very clear day, and I would bet that we could see Kansas from there.

PP view
One of the many images we shot from the top of Pike’s Peak.

One of the things that we enjoyed most on this little day trip was the Picnic that we had beside an alpine lake on the way up the mountain.  The views were just unbelievable.  Somehow, I would swear that being up there out in the open made the food better than normal – like magic!

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