Putting up the Suitcases…

Well, it has been awhile since I checked in with you all.  I will continue to post fun cross stitched designs as I come across them on the web, but sometimes I may just ramble about my life.  Like tonight…I’m going to ramble.

We’ve been traveling a lot the last few weeks.  In 5 weeks time, I have been in Missouri for 3 weeks and Colorado for 1.  That didn’t leave much time back at home in the meanwhile.  I guess I’ll share about my time in Colorado, because I just feel like writing. 

We rented a VRBO house in Old Colorado City for the week, and it was just wonderful.  Very large home with plenty of amenities and lots of space for all of the kids and adults to spread out.

The first day that we were there, we took everybody up to the top of Pike’s Peak.  VERY exhilarating!  The children were so impressed that the big mountain that they could see from Colorado Springs looked so very much different when you were standing on the top!  It was a very clear day, and I would bet that we could see Kansas from there.

PP view
One of the many images we shot from the top of Pike’s Peak.

One of the things that we enjoyed most on this little day trip was the Picnic that we had beside an alpine lake on the way up the mountain.  The views were just unbelievable.  Somehow, I would swear that being up there out in the open made the food better than normal – like magic!

Another one of our day trips was to Garden of the Gods.  This has to be one the most beautiful places on earth!  The children just loved being able to clamor around on the rocks and getting their pictures taken.  They have a lovely visitors center and gift shop, and the park is so well taken care of.  I just couldn’t believe that it was completely free to visit.  Apparently the pioneer owners of the land deeded the property to the City of Colorado Springs and proclaimed that it must be a free park forevermore.  Pretty astounding!

I love how I was able to make this picture of Garden of the Gods look like it came out of a 1950’s brochure.

The children and grandchildren all enjoyed the White Water Rafting the most.  We went for only a half day raft on the Arkansas River, but by the time we were done, I was spent.  We had a blast while doing it and had plenty of dips, bumps, splashes and near-death experiences!

There are so many things our family loves about going and spending time in Colorado.  Every time that we go, we learn of new things to do.  Whether it is rafting, fly-fishing, hiking, tubing, skiing, boarding, 4 wheeling, exploring, caving, biking, golfing, shopping, collecting, etc. we always find something new!

For the grandchildren, the one thing that they keep talking about is going to eat at Casa Bonita’s.  Oh, they loved that place!  The food isn’t all that great.  We’ve been there about a dozen times, and it has never gotten any better…  But, the experience as a whole is something to behold!  There are cliff-divers, gun fights, haunted caves, a grotto, a magic show, games, old fashioned picture taking, face painting, etc.  It’s a blast.  The kids have fun and stay entertained for a couple of hours while the adults get to visit and enjoy watching the kiddos have fun.

Well, my life isn’t all that exciting.  No visiting the weed shops for me!  We saw plenty of them, but I’m WAY past that point in my life.  The trip was fun though!  While there, I did slip away to look at a couple of needlepoint stores, but I swear there must have been a minimum age requirement of 85 in there!  I felt like a kid again.  I had to escape.

Send me links to your favorite designs, and maybe I will post them up here.

Until then, enjoy life!

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