History of My Hobby Turned Business

Yes it’s been a while since I have checked in! I stay busy with my kids and now grandkids! I wanted to record some history of how I have been designing patterns over the years.

After 20 plus years of designing and stitching for major needlework companies and shops, I left the hustle and bustle of the city and settled back into the country, putting my talents and experience to work to offer you quality designs and patterns for less than major manufacturers. In addition to my own designs, I offer designs by other talented artists as well.

With today’s computer technology, you can have many of my designs at the touch of your fingertips, provided in downloadable PDF file format.

Advantages of downloadable patterns:

No waiting for your pattern to arrive by Pony Express.
No shipping charges.
Fast delivery.
Adobe Acrobat Reader ® required for downloading patterns. (Click on the link at bottom of this page to download Adobe Acrobat Reader ®.)
A prototype model has been stitched of each pattern to assure quality control. Instructions have been:

  • Charted with a professional counted cross stitch program.
  • Each symbol has been individually placed in the chart with the help of a computer mouse.
  • These are not scanned photographs turned cross stitch.
  • Each chart has clear and legible symbols.
  • Professionally written, detailed step-by-step stitching instructions.
  • Complete assembly instructions included where required.
  • Complete materials required list showing supplies required to completing the design.

Not all of my patterns are downloadable but all are available as packaged patterns. Each pattern is professionally packaged in a zip locked plastic bag and contains a package label with a full-color picture of the completed model, chart, complete stitching instructions, complete assembly instructions where required, and a supply shopping list. The baby bib patterns include a pre-finished bib.

Fast forward to 2018 and I have included some fun new creations:
 For anyone interested in how these were made, please check out this youtube video on a guide to stitching:
P.S. No this video was not made by yours truly, I can barely figure out how to post my articles on my website! Hah! Youtube is a bit too advanced for my taste. Enjoy!