Where Did The Time Go?

I can’t believe that I haven’t made a single damn post on this blog in over 5 months! It is incredulous that my life is this out of order, I can’t go on…someone please come take me to the psychiatric hospital! Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but for real? This old granny couldn’t have been more with it than to go five months without posting anything here? Not even so much as a new project that I finished or a crockpot recipe…I should be taken out and hung by my toenails…

Well, I must say that life has been crazy the last few months. That MIGHT have something to do with the fact that I have left this little baby unsupervised. After my husband and I’s trip to KC (written about here) we got crazy and decided to switch up several things in life. He got rid of a couple of small side jobs he had, and he resigned from his full time job all to take on a new career path. NOW, I’M NOT COMPLAINING… The money is very good, and he is very good at what he does. BUT, it has definitely taken a toll on the family to go thru so much transition in such a short amount of time! AND, that’s not all! We decided to uproot and move as a part of this transition. You can imagine the years of clutter… Oh Holy Dumpsters, Batman. We also took another vacation to Colorado around Christmas time with the kids and grandkids, took a cruise somewhere in there, and just in general…life kept happening.

I know it’s nuts, but it’s what we love! So, during our travels, I got a bit sassy with some of my stitching and found a couple of patterns on the web that I had to recreate. Here are the finished products:
DMX - Rap Lyrics Cross Stitched

Sassy Granny


I always enjoy making my work a little more “flavorful.”  This time, the grandkids took more of an interest than usual and began referring to me as Bad Grandma.  I guess they were making a play on the movie Bad Grandpa?  Hope I’m not THAT Bad!

So, I was thinking the other day about the mess of thread in the bottom of my bag, and was reminded for the umpteen-millionth time that I need to get a proper organizer for all of my thread.  Then, in the midst of that pondering I remembered for the gazillionth time that I need a better shade of thread for skin color.  So, off to JoAnn’s I went.  I could spend a day and a year’s salary in that store, I swear.  When I got home from that beautiful wonderland of supplies, fabric, and other crafty things, I realized I still had not come home with a good skin colored thread, or an organizer for all of it…  Oy vey!

By the way, am I the only woman who has ever used their in frame 14 count Aida as a temporary holding place for earrings?  Or for that matter, found the kids using it as a coaster?  Oh my goodness…

Punk’d – Cross Stitching Style

So, a few months ago my Debit card was about to expire, and the strip had worn out causing problems for me every time I went to the register.  I went in to my local bank (national chain) to have them replace the card and they gave me a one month replacement right on the spot. The replacement card surely wasn’t the “quality” that my original card was, but it would make do. I waited and waited for the new card to arrive in the mail and it never did.

This became a problem when I was checking out at the local grocery and had the cashier tell me that my card had been declined… No problem…pulled out my Credit Card and finished the purchase. I called my bank only to have them give me the run-around. To cut this long story short, after several phone calls, I came to find out that the bank had a mishap and the order for my card never went thru. They promptly ordered me a new one which I received in a matter of a few business days.

However, if you were to judge my problem by the response of this individual, my problem must pale in comparison. Check this out:


Man Cross-Stitches Debit Card
Courtesy of Keith Clark / BBC

Story Found Here

So, when I came across how this man punk’d his bank, I thought I would take a look around and see how others have been having fun with their needles and thread.

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